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13 October 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Konbanwa minna~ suddenly I think I should make a new introduction post because my 1st intro seems...useless ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ
I'm Ana and I'm Indonesian. English is not my mother language so olease forgive me for my ugly grammar lol

Right now *or you can say this journal* I'm into two fandoms. Arashi and V6

me about arashi...Collapse )

me about V6...Collapse )

That's all for my interest about Arashi and V6 XD

Also actually sometimes I do subbing too, but no translation.
I only do as part-time timer and typesetter lol.
You can ask me if you want a helper lol but I'm not a pro haha

Here's matsterpost for works I've done (myself or even with other team)

Variety shows / Specials

VS Arashi 2015.07.02 2hr SP [V6 part only] f-locked

Gakkou e Ikou! 2015 3hrs SP @ v6_unlimited member-locked
SUPER Very best (LE A) - ~Project: 6-man training camp~ Until Now - MISSION 01
SUPER Very best (LE A) - ~Project: 6-man training camp~ Until Now - MISSION 02
SUPER Very best (LE A) - ~Project: 6-man training camp~ Until Now - MISSION 03 & 04
SUPER Very best (LE A) - ~Project: 6-man training camp~ Until Now - MISSION 05 & 06
SUPER Very best (LE A) - ~Project: 6-man training camp~ Until Now - MISSION 07 & 08
SUPER Very best (LE A) - ~Project: 6-man training camp~ Until Now - MISSION 09 & 10

Clip pvs/concerts/ performances
Blast in Hawaii - Season
Blast in Hawaii Disc1 (softsub)
[pv] Kokoro no Sora
Blast in Miyagi - Two
[music station] Fukkatsu Love
[arashi ni shiyagare] Fukkatsu Love
[music station+vs arashi] I seek
[music station+arashi ni shiyagare] Daylight
Japonism Tour 2015 - 5 songs cut
Japonism Tour 2015 - Member solos cut
[best artist 2016] Arashi peformances cut
[pv] Power of the Paradise & Don't You Get It + [music station] Ai wo Sakebe & Don't You Get It @ storm_freaks member locked

Koko Kara - 151205 V6 LIVE TOUR 2015 WOWOW Before Broadcast SP
[PV] Feel Your Breeze

SCP 20140319 - Heike-ha Graduation cut

Let me know you first a little in this post and for personal reason I won't add you back if your journal is empty, I also only accept LJ account (no facebook or another web login). sorry and thanks for understanding u__u
Okay that's really all for me. Have a good day~ ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
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04 January 2017 @ 05:36 pm
to be honest i'm not really understand about this. but since livejournal now moving to russian server, said it will not really safe again to us. i myself also don't know how strict the russian government about the content should be post. but i just aware myself if suddenly i can't open my journal then suddenly find error 404 and lost everything. since i really don't know please search and read yourself on internet about this.

so now i'm importing my journal posts to dreamdwidth. you can see on nihonarashi @ dw here. but please note i do this now for backing up my posts only. i still update post in here. and i stil don't know if i should crosspost on dw or vice versa. i will fix the masterpost links on dreamdwith later.
you don't need to add me there on dw now but if you want you can add me on with your livejournal or openID account :D just leave comment on introduction post @ my dreamwidth. thanks! :D
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Hello my friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!
im still upset about the kohaku result tho, but Aiba really works so hard and he is awesome host! otsukaresama Aiba-chan!
anyway if you still confused why White Team lost event they win the voting, you can read here on my tumblr *shameless pr lol*

im here uploading all my favorites :D i will upload V6 and Kinki Kids cut later *and maybe YUZU too ALL DONE
all download links under the cut!
KOHAKUCollapse )
update Kinki Kids, V6, and YUZU cut performaces!
note: these are not include talk part. all links under the cut
updated!Collapse )

Please do not reupload and share the hotlinks anywhere!
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Yo! sharing yesterday Music Station Super Live for TOKIO and Arashi perfs! because sharing is caring <3
just to the point!
Plese do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere! Thanks and Enjoy!

also, merry christmas and happy birthday our shunshine and miracle boy Aiba-chan! :D
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sharing my favorite groups perfomances on latest FNS! :D
all links under the cut

FNS!!!Collapse )

Please do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere!
Thanks and enjoy!
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Yo! past 1 AM here. can't sleep and just done upload the arashi performances :D
only performances. no talking part. enjoy! :)

BLESS ARAHIPS! links under the cut

Best ArtistCollapse )

Please do not reupload and share the hotlinks anywhere!
okay enjoy the performances!
hi hi! anyway actually i also gonna upload Power of of the Paradise & Don't You Get It PV too (with karaoke sub. res 1280x720)!
i will upload in our community storm_freaks ! so if anyone not join yet you can join here and it's very easy :D SF is fun communities because we are not only uploading and sharing news but we also doing disscusion anything about arashi so you can made much new arashian friends there! :3
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24 November 2016 @ 09:14 pm
Hi everyone! I'm here just for fun! :D
Just wanna share little happiness here~ since we know NTV Best Artist 2016 will air on 2016.11.29. And yes V6 will perform too!
You can visit the web here for more info and here for Johnny's groups who also join Best Artist

As usual Johnny's will do medley. And this year they will perform Johnny's Drama Song Medley! And it announced V6 will sing "Feel Your Breeze" theme song for drama "Gokusen"
And since Feel Your Breeze also my favorites, I decided to share my happiness too in here :3 I subbed this PV but not with karaoke effect because I share this just for fun! :D

download under the cutCollapse )
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Hello! I upload yesterday Arashi's perfs yesterday! THEY ARE SOOO AWESOME!!!
heck I really love Are You Happy choreo! best arashi performance on music station for this year!
go get the link below~

ARE YOU HAPPY?Collapse )

what do you think? Are You Happy????? XD
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hi again! since seem some ppl want solo cut too, here i subbed for their solos on Japonism tour. ENJOY!

solosCollapse )
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wassup guys! japonism fever noowww! wohoooo~
hello guys. had you watch japonism already???!!!! seriously this concert is AWESOME!!!
really worth waiting after waitng more than half a year x_x no performances that i dont like. i love them all! <3
and here I drop to sub 5 songs from japonism. these not my faves because i can't decided which my favorite XD
but i think these 5 songs have cute or amazing performances! Enjoy~~~~

GO JAPONISM!Collapse )

my fave song on japonism is make a wish. but in this tour i love bolero because matsumiya! hahahaha! plus i reaaallyy looovee nino high notes on bolero <3
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